Champagne Plans, Fireball Reality

I love my planet and my country over any party or politics. That said, I was looking forward to today as the day the electoral college votes were officially counted, clearing yet another hurdle on the track to a new president. I had a half a bottle of champagne that I was planning to consume. And then things happened.

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock (for which I would not blame you) today, you’ve heard and seen what things happened. The current president and his cronies rallied their misguided troops, who then stormed our nation’s capitol, threatened our states’ leadership, and completely disrespected every facet of our government and the constitution that they so strongly claim to support. Our buildings were vandalized. Seditious citizens stole items from offices and chambers. The confederate flag was proudly carried through the Capitol Building. A woman was shot in the chest, her wound captured on a Twitter video. She died this evening. Her eyes in that video showed her surprise and confusion, and reflected her thinking, “I’m fine, I’m fine,” as women so often do when they are anything but fine.

I won’t forget that.

Representatives who, as recently as this morning, spoke words of support for this kind of insurrection, sent out words telling people to act peacefully. But it’s too late to call off the pack, and it’s far too little to absolve themselves of responsibility. They will — and should — reap what they have shown.

I am not jury or judge, but I do know what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears. Just as my own Southern ancestors demonstrated, insurrectionists will not win. I’m sorry so many people fell for a pack of lies. In this democratic republic, the truth will win.

The champagne is now back in the fridge for January 20th. And tonight, a little Fireball doesn’t hurt.