Thursday’s Original Poem

I started writing as a poet half a century ago. On the previous blog, I shared some of other people’s poems that I loved on Wednesdays, and one of my original poems on Thursdays. I haven’t decided if I want to have a Weekly Wednesday poem in this blog, but I would like to challenge myself with the Original Thursday Poem. That starts today. Thanks for reading.

There Are Days (Today)

There are days (today)
When the cold kudzu
curls its tendrils round a body,
Slowly pulling it in
to that unseen place
Never to be found.
When the largest of mountains
are consumed by the sky,
Cutting off twilight
Leaving just a cloak behind.
When the round moon
turns her silvered face
Towards the west
Looks down with love.
When one woman
holds another’s fragile hands,
Green eyes gazing long into blue,
Because there are no words
to say goodbye.

I am also reinstituting daily gratitudes, because they are good for my soul and make me notice the little blessings I encounter throughout the day.

Daily Gratitudes
Long talks with my sister
Snuggly cats
Sun melting snow
K’s happiness with her truck’s new clutch

Abandoned to Insomnia – An Original Poem

Morpheus sauntered in early last night.

Cozied up to me in an all-too-familiar fashion

— which I permitted, and after only one beer! —

And whiled away the time

Whispering passing stories in my ear,

The sort half-heard and not really attended

for hours

Until last call

When with those fateful words

— Be right back—

he left me.

He was my ride.

So I waited

For his return

Listening to the sound of stillness

And counting the cars on the darkened street on one hand

four hours


Just as I can feel the day about to breathe awake

Here’s Oneiros.

I catch a ride that seems important

But is short-lived.

In the light,

I cast about for a memory,


Like trying to catch snowflakes in the sun


I am left wandering the kitchen

Looking for my coffee,

Feeling the ache in my rib cage from the corset I was wearing

In some dream out of time.