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Latest from the Blog

  • Shades (An Original Poem)
    Shades The day is dimThough the sun should be soaking us in a warm springThis skyis sullen, stormy, chilly,weeping, In memory of you. This week,the world struggles to recall your light,your tall sunflowerscloaked in a shroud of The loss of you. Those fires that destroyed you,their causes unknownlinger,their scentcaught up with yoursbehind those doors we …

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  • A Glimpse of a Day
    Sorry to have been AWOL. Wandering with the cows and the clouds. Daily gratitudes: Calving seasonWalksFluffy hairProgressMindfulness Quote of the day: “Cow-watching turned out to be a mildly pleasant duty.” — Christian M. Frank
  • Flatland (A Friday Original Poem)
    Flatland He said his grandmotherCould cook bacon So that it would come out completelyFlatWithout using a pressand he didn’t know how she did it/ His Great Aunt MaryWas an old-time switchboard operatorWho wore bright red lipstickand smoked unfiltered cigarettesUntil she died in her 90s. I always think they were Lucky Strikes,but I always get it …

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